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Neato Localization Interview at DailyDPad!

tsukarechan_smugHi again! Sooo today, I wanted to let everyone know that there's a cool new interview about Undead Darlings and other super interesting localization process tidbits over at DailyDPad.de!

It was in German first, but they were kind enough to also post the English version. Yay, them! This sort of stuff is really fun to read, and NickyD seems to really enjoy talking about it… Anyway, please check it out!


The Great Localization Q&A

tsukarechan_smugHiya, everyone! A while back, NickyD answered some questions about localization (and the Hyperdimension Neptunia games) over on the Niche-Gamer forums. It started out as kinda specific to stuff he did, but he went on to talk about the entire process that was practiced where he used to work. It's pretty interesting, so I wanted to take it and post it here, too!!!!

It's a long read, but it's totally worth a look if you're interested in the game industry, publishing, translating, and/or localization. Thaaaaaanks~


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