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We’ve evolved to video capture! Yay!


Just a small post to give you a look at our newest video of the game in action! This is a sub-event scene, and we took footage of both choice options for you to really see just how different a scene can play out based on the choices you make. Such choices in games generally give a couple of unique lines before merging back into the "default" dialogue; we have two separate conversations entirely!

And if you haven't yet, be sure to take a gander at our in-progress Prefundia page. Come by, read our in-progress crowdfunding pitch, and leave your two cents. We're always looking for input on what you like, what you don't, what you want to hear more about or less about. Leave your mark on Undead Darlings's future!

What's missing from this video?

  • Music transition from dungeon exploration track to conversation track.
  • Sound effects for text display and screen effects (flashing white "ksssh!" and screen shake sound)
  • The white flash screen effect is messing up in our latest Unity build; it's a giant diamondy thing now, but it used to just be a flashing white screen. Odd.
  • Some outdated UI effects — the heart explosion by the text box has been revised, and the "next" button has a version that doesn't look wacky and has the edges clipped out
  • Voice acting 😉 — hey, we can dream.
  • The dungeon is still very much in-progress. The textures on the left are for storefronts that are "under construction" … waiting for regular wall textures, so they are used on both sides right now.
    No idea about the jaggies on the 3D objects. I think it's my resolution to blame because they look great when viewed individually…

Welp, thanks for watching! It's our first video in a long time, so we hope it's getting a little closer to what you'd be excited to play! How do you like the color of the fog of war? Most DRPGs use black, but we wanted it to thematically tie to the other colors in our keyart and logo.

Character Profile Series #05: Cecilia “Cici” Fontaine

Cicilia_Z_neutralWelcome back to our weekly Character Profile Series! This week, we take a look at Cecilia “Cici” Fontaine, the most ostensibly ditsy and social elite member of the Undead Darlings crew. Let’s examine her basic stats and talk about why they are what they are!

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